Where to Stay in Trancoso, Brazil

At the historic Quadrado Square or on the Beach?

When planning our last visit to Trancoso, a beach historical town located in the southern coast of Bahia state, in Brazil, we were considering two very different options…

Quadrado Square: A small hotel hotel located at the historical Quadrado square would be our preferable choice as that is where the charm of Trancoso is. However, the offer of hotels at Quadrado, with pool and/or beach service is very limited and prices were very high. Also, the square is almost dead during the mornings as the crowd of tourists normally arrives during the afternoon – this is not necessarily bad, but be aware that main stores, art galleries, restaurants are closed in the morning and lunch time… Being far from the beach may be a nightmare – transportation, full beach clubs – main beach clubs are always full from mid-morning to late afternoon. Some are free (you pay the consumption only), some others accept reservation but charge minimum consumption.

POSITIVES: Being at Quadrado for the night boom and during early morning, when it is empty; Free to chose different beaches each day.

NEGATIVES: Far from the beach; Busy location until late night.

Beach: a hotel on the Beach seemed to be ideal. We could go to Quadrado during afternoon or night. Surprisingly, the offer of beach hotels was not as big as we though… and some are too far from the Quadrado, sometimes located at Arraial d’Ajuda, a town northern of Trancoso. That would implicate on higher transportation cost, also considering transportation offer is limited – taxis charge fixed amounts for each destination and it may cost around USD 50 for a round trip (very expensive for Brazilian standards). The positive side to be on the beach in the morning is priceless…

POSITIVES: Beach front, with calmer ambiance; Bigger hotels, with better structure.

NEGATIVES: Far from Quadrado; Probably stuck with the hotel beach.

Our choice: As we were renting a car, we decided for Pousada Tutabel, a beach hotel located 10′ drive south of Quadrado. We found great parking options very close to Quadrado with decent prices (less than USD10 for a 3hs period). The tranquility of having an empty beach during mornings and sunset time confirmed our best choice! The hotel was great – we will share our review soon. A car was also very useful to reach other beaches and beach clubs and to save some money with airport transfers. We had also time to visit beach clubs close to the hotel – see links below.

We also loved our one night at Quadrado at the new charming hotel Casa La Torre (see our post on Instagram). But, that was better appreciated because we were not planning to go to the beach.

Another great experience we had, in 2017, was our at Uxua, the hotel with the best structure in the Quadrado with a GREAT beach club at Trancoso’s busiest beach. If staying there there is no reason to have a rented car, but your choice to be free to visit other beaches, airport transfers… Check the review of our stay at Uxua at https://www.tripadvisor.com.br/ShowUserReviews-g303279-d1403995-r539035312-UXUA_Casa_Hotel_Spa-Trancoso_Porto_Seguro_State_of_Bahia.html

Alternatively, you may also consider something in between – city hotels walking distance from Quadrado. We are sure good options are available, but you will not benefit from any of the positives of a Quadrado or a Beach hotel…!

Interesting links:

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