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Is Paris for everyone?

Don’t feel guilty in case you don’t like Paris or any other touristic destination…

Each person has a different travel profile and may enjoy destinations that are not the obvious ones… Paris, or New York, or Rome are the obvious destination for your vacations, mainly when you are looking for a city which may offer a variety of activities, hotel styles and restaurants with different cuisines. However, visiting a top destination may be not as pleasant as it looks like.
Before deciding your next destination, reflect about your trip profile (including budget) and lifestyle, but also what’s your intention with the trip – relax, entertain, art or history immersion, romance, food & drink, stay with your kids, etc…
Do you enjoy eating French food during all meals? French food sounds fancy and tasteful, but it is not cheap! Paris has amazing restaurants, but you have to plan well to find good deals and high quality places… The city is full of attractive restaurants, but with very low quality. This is very common in all touristic destinations. Also, it is very hard to find good quality restaurants in Paris, serving Italian, Japanese or even American food…
Paris architecture may look boring at first sight… Buildings are impressively well maintained, but they have always similar styles. Their national monuments look even more impressive, as they have a completely different architecture when compared to residential and office buildings. Paris has a very interesting layout, with wide ‘boulevards’, narrow charming streets and lots of green parks, without mentioning the Seine river bank. Parisians love to just walk around, with no clear destination.
Paris is definitely not for everyone!
Plan well and according to your style and travel intentions. You have to go deep on the Parisian lifestyle to enjoy your visit and fall in love with Paris. You may wake up early, buy a baguette with ham and cheese (and lots of butter!) or a croissant (also with butter!), have an espresso coffee and just walk around, stopping at a small museum, a church, a luxury store, a patisserie… seat at a park bench and spend sometime enjoying the tourist crowd passing by or just seat at the Seine bank watching the river flow… Riding a bike may also be very pleasant… End the day watching the sunset from one of the Seine bridges followed by a simple dinner at a traditional bistro or at a fancy three Michelin stars restaurant.
Definitely not for everyone, but great to enjoy as a Parisian! And a great destination for all kind of travelers!

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