Big Hotel Failures – Part 1

Everything is a matter of expectation!

If you are a budget traveler, you probably have a much lower expectation about hotels compared to a luxury traveler. But in any case you have an expectation, based on the hotel offered services and structure.
Normally, the lower the offerings, the lower will be your frustration and should be your complaining level…Meaning you cannot argue about something, if this ‘something’ is not offered by your hotel… In other words, big failures tend to happen more often on a more expensive hotel choice. Important to highlight that hotels have small flexibility when talking about services, even those with high-end standards.
Big failures may happen from reservation to check-out and even after check-out…

Check-in failures

Can you imagine how would airports be if all touristic flights arrive at a right time for you to make the hotels’ 3pm check-in time?

The standard check-in time is a nonsense inflexibility the hotels have! Why is it so hard to accept flexible check-in (and check-out) times? Some hotels offer complimentary early check-in / late check-out or charge a ratio of the daily rate, but that is different than being flexible, allowing travelers to plan their arrival and departure time. Some airport hotels (such as the Dubai Airport hotel) offer a better flexibility with a time zone for check-in time. Better, but not perfect, as you are inside the airport secured zone.

Hotel pricing failures

Why do hotels charge a full day when you are staying only one night, assuming you will stay no more than 19hours… They should at least allow you to check-out at the same time you checked-in the day before… Being a little bit more picky: you never stay the amount you pay for if you respect check-in and check-out times, even during a 10 nights stay (i.e)…

Additions to your room rate

Be very disciplined with your budget when booking a hotel, because daily rates normally don’t include ‘some’ taxes and other fees. And when you sign the check-in form, you are accepting them!

Did the reception team ever alert you about how much taxes you would be paying during your stay? In Miami, as an example, they charge you something about 18% of service taxes… Are those taxes compulsory or optional? You will never know! In Mexico, taxes on the top of room rate may sum more than 30%…

Beach hotels (but also some city hotels!) love to charge you a ‘Resort Fee’ and it is normally a fixed amount per room per day. On top of that, service taxes will be applied… Ah, they also have additions to the resort fee as some beach hotels would charge you for sun umbrellas or extra beach chairs or even for better located chairs… So ‘funny’! Who would go on a beach vacation without assuming the hotel rate includes beach chairs and sun umbrellas? Annoying!

Stay tuned as we have much more to share with you!

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